Friday, July 22, 2011

City Series: NYC

I'm on a bus right now to Philadelphia, my second home. After about half an hour of traffic in NYC, I'm finally on the Turnpike on a beautiful aesthetically pleasing ride, while the weather outside is furiously scorching. At 10:30 AM.

Driving past the NYC skyline is always inspiring for me.

I have the world in my backyard. A city sprawling with corporate types, hard laborers, hipsters, bums, immigrants, and everything in between, lies a mere 15 minutes away from me. The city is so enormous, that it is almost unrelenting. An island, a rock, just completely filled with nonstop blocks of storefronts, apartments, and schools. The wide streets form a a grid navigated by energetic and fearless yellow cabs and equally energetic and fearless pedestrians who's second nature is to casually jay walk. Somehow, getting trampled by a pedestrian becomes a serious threat.
The buildings here are probably the closest things to actually living up to the name "skyscraper." The Empire State Building can almost poke a hole into the blue dome ceiling above us all.

The energy here is just different. If American culture values and relies on competition to be successful, as opposed to the all-for-one/one-for-all mindset that resides in Japanese culture for example, then the Big Apple is the damn Olympics. Cultural melting pot. Busy and non-stop. And cut-throat competitive.

Japan is Wimbledon.

They call New York City the World's Capital. I call it my backyard.

Too bad that means the Hudson is my swimming pool.

You're all invited.


Have a nice, safe weekend everybody! Stay hydrated and give your mom a hug and a kiss.



  1. Love this =] NYC's our city lol. Keep getting inspired babe because this post was fun to read. Let's play in your backyard and swimming pool again soon!

  2. Wooh NYC! It gets a little hectic though..I find myself wanting to get away from the hustle-bustle every so often. Everyone's always in a rush here and it's def. evident in the way people walk (so freaking fast) lol. I feel like such a slow turtle, but I don't mind because it gives me a chance to observe. I try not to get sucked up in the mess. I've had the privilege to work in the Civic Center neighborhood of Manhattan, near City Hall. Even then I felt like an oddball. Everyone in the office chose to eat lunch inside and I'd be the only one eating outside in the mini parks nearby. It seems like half the time New Yorkers don't even notice the things going on around them; that or maybe they're just in a "been there, seen it, done that" mind setting. Idk. I think it's also because even after almost 2 years of living here, I still don't consider myself a NYC resident. BUTTT, I'm def not a tourist, I hate tourists. Lol. I'm learning to love NY :) Living here is like being in an endless adventure. And it only gets better after the touristy spots. I still have lots of places to discover and lots of restaurants I've yet to try.

    Gahhh. I had so much more to write but I don't want my comment to be longer than your post..might as well write my own blog haha. Plus, I'm having a brain fart :( Miss you & Gmae <3 Keep up the blog!

  3. @Mae: babyyy thanks for always reading my posts and commenting too. You're awesome for being so supportive..and also inspiring. You're the best. Love you! :D

    @Miane: hi Miane! Thanks for reading too! :) I agree, yeah the city can be hectic..I've never lived there so I don't fully understand how hectic it can be living there 24/7. However, it's still my dream to end up in the city. :) and feel free to write as much as you want, homie! I encourage long, thoughtful replies.

    Hope to see ya soon!